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Butcher BBQ

The BBQ Legacy:

Butcher BBQ was started out of luck, yes I mean luck. Let me tell you how we got our start. I like to think being raised on a cattle farm was the start of my work ethic. When I was 15 years old I was given the opportunity to work in a family owned custom cutting meat market. I stayed in that environment for 20 years learning and understanding the importance of taking care of each and every customer. I moved on to open my own meat market and after several years we started cooking in BBQ competitions. In 2007 we started making our signature products for the public. Using 34 years in the meat business and that knowledge assisted me in properly matching spices to get those perfect flavor combinations that allowed us to win several hundred State Championships and 2 World BBQ Championships. After traveling thousands of miles and cooking on several TV shows we still hold true to our upbringing knowing that we would have nothing without our customers. With the many choices you have as a customer in today’s world of shopping, I value your purchase from me and that’s why our slogan is “Trust Your Butcher ”. ​

– David Bouska