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Spice up your BBQ
It was on a hot summer day in 1993 when I drove from Chicago Illinois to West Bend
Wisconsin. Me, a young businessman in the promised land! It was going to be a two-hour drive up north passing through Milwaukee, the beer city. I was listening to the music playing on the radio while driving my black Dodge. It was my first time in the USA and it felt as if the whole world belonged to me. The smell of fresh air from Lake
Michigan reached me through the open windows. I was on my way to have lunch with an important new customer and they let me decide where to eat. Only the thought of a real American burger made my mouth water. We went to the best
hamburger place in town. The burger tasted great but oh, the sauce! That was life changing! This miraculous taste would change my way of eating barbecued meat forever. I traveled back to the Netherlands with a suitcase full of bottles from a local supermarket. For years I imported the sauce from West Bend to Holland until I could no longer bear the thought of keeping these sensational flflavors from my fellow Europeans. Therefore I decided to make this sauce myself and share it with the people of Europe.
So here you go! Enjoy your experience!