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Butcher BBQ Original Brisket Injection 16oz BD 09-2024

A natural, rich brisket flavor and brisket moisture are the main things that cooks look for in a brisket. Comes with a free scoop in every jar. Whether you’re cooking for a competition or in your back yard, our Butcher BBQ Brisket Injection will give you a juicy, flavorful brisket. Our injection marinade has been awarded the highest prize possible to win the BBQ World Food Championship and is the only Brisket Injection on the market that comes with this easy to seal canister. // // All taste palates are different, so strengthen to your taste. We recommend starting with 3/4 cup of injection to two (2) cups of water. Other options are to split 1/2 the water with beer, apple juice, Cola or beef broth. We have taken science and cooking, combined them and made this simple to use injection for any cook can use and make your best tasting brisket ever. // // The same great items the World Champions use to impress the food judges, are all found here. // // This product is Gluten Free. 1 pound of product will do up to 8 briskets.