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The stainless steel Rib King Rib Rack from PK is the king of rib racks (see what we did there?). Constructed of high grade stainless steel, this rib rack will last as long as your PK. The only rib rack royal enough to carry the PK logo, this rack lets folks know you stand for quality and durability without saying a word.

Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Construction. Because who wants a light duty rib rack?

Holds Up To 5 Racks. So you can go big or go home.

Elevated Grab handles. No need to get your fingers juicy just yet.

Perfect spacing and wide stable platform. Great for all rib types: pork, beef, large, or small, our racks are proudly inclusive.

Designed to maximize airflow over your meat. Pro Tip: That’s how the smokey flavor gets in.

Compatible with: PK300, PK360, PK300AF, PKTX, & The Original PK models.