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Betterwood Lump Charcoal 8 kg/17,6 lb

Light up the flavor of your backyard barbecue or gourmet grill with the bold, open-fire zest that only 100% ALL NATURAL HARDWOOD LUMP CHARCOAL delivers. Kiln-fired and packaged in its natural lump shape — with no additives or chemicals — our hardwood charcoal is easy to light, starting in only half the time of briquettes.It burns hot to seal in moisture and sear in flavors. Natural lump hardwood charcoal reaches optimal cooking temperature in approximately 15 minutes — so you will be cooking in no time. Whether slow cooking or quick grilling, light up the flavor of beef, chicken, fish or pork with our 100% ALL NATURAL HARDWOOD LUMP CHARCOAL, you’ll be glad you did.

Real wood cooking
Cooks hotter
Burns longer