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Tuffy Stone Daily Grind Coffee Rub 264gr-9,34oz

Crafted by six-time World Champion Pitmaster and TV barbecue
personality, Tuffy Stone – ‘The Professor’ of Barbecue.
The Daily Grind Coffee Rub is the secret ingredient that will awaken
your BBQ cooking. A well crafted bold blend that combines subtle
smokey undertones, a hint of rich coffee and a medley of spices.
The Daily Grind Coffee Rub forms a delectable crust when cooked
resulting in a mouthwatering fusion of flavors that enhances the
natural juiciness of your meats and adds depth to each bite. Amazing
on beef and pork, but also great on chicken, wild game, beans,
smoked, grilled or pan roasted meats.
Generously apply the Daily Grind Coffee Rub as a seasoning and
allow the flavors to infuse for 15 minutes before grilling or cooking.
The Daily Grind Coffee Rub is made using high-quality, handselected
spices including salt, black pepper, chipotle, brown sugar,
cumin, and coffee. Gluten free – Proudly made in the USA.