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Cattleman’s Grill Original Cowboy 10,5oz-297gr

Cattleman’s Grill Original Cowboy is our signature blend of chuck wagon cook staples, featuring a blend of raw cane sugar, kosher salt, coffee and paprika.

The rub that started it all! Cattleman’s Grill Original Cowboy was born from the Western tradition, blended from the sparse but sufficient dry goods found in general stores and carried in saddle bags and wagon trains across the great plains. Coarsely ground strong coffee, raw sugar, sea salt and spices lend a bold flavor to steaks, chops and chicken. (Looking for more of a kick? Try Cattleman’s Grill Spicy Red seasoning.)
Available in 5 oz. or 10 oz. shaker bottle or 5 lb. bag.

Ingredients: raw cane sugar, kosher salt, coffee, paprika, and spices.

A healthy, all-natural choice!