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Angus & Oink Meat Tinsel 230 gr

Ho ho ho, a festive BBQ rub, that is not just for meat, and not just for Christmas! It’s a bit like Pumpkin Spice from across the pond…

Season fruit, hams, turkey, birds of a feather, bacon or even sweet things……!!

Inspiration for this concoction was from juicy Christmas baked hams and their aromatic spices paired with sweet, sticky glazes; when turkeys are brined and basted and mince pies are back on the coffee table.

Rich, warming, cinnamon, ginger and All Spice hand blended with sugar, orange and a hint of chilli. Try it in cakes, apple pies, and even to season grilled or baked fruits – think butter fried-bananas, peaches, drooool!

Suitable for Vegans

Gluten Free