Flame Boss

You do not have to be a 3rd generation award-winning BBQ pitmaster to smoke your meat as one. Flame Boss® lets you create mouth-watering, delicious meat and fish dishes without the hassle of day and night on your smoker.
Flame Boss® uses a variable speed fan that runs at the best speed to reach and maintain the desired temperature of your smoker. With the help of thermometer probes and an easy-to-read digital LCD display, you can prepare your food effortlessly with patented, accurate temperature control. The Flame Boss® warns you when your cooking process is finished and can even keep your food warm after it is done.
It is said: “If you look, you are not cooking.” If you watch the smoker or grill for hours, you also have no fun or sleep. Flame Boss® frees you both problems.
Think of it as your cruise control for your smoker. It increases the heat. It lowers the heat. All you have to do is light the fire and set the control. No instructions needed … but just in case, they are included. Flame Boss takes over from there and keeps consistent, smoky quality where it belongs – around your meat, poultry and fish.